The woman managed to lose about quarantine and shared his secret


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The vegan in the English city of Meersbrook County Sheffield, decided to take introduced because of the quarantine regime of strict isolation to improve your body. His secret she shared with the publication the Daily Mail.

28-year-old insurance company employee Rebecca Hanna (Rebecca Hanna) weighed in at 69,8 kg and felt unhappy because of their shape. On 12 February she decided to go on a diet and perform daily exercises to lose weight.

Hannah refused a rich carbohydrate foods and to give preference to healthy food, such as oatmeal, protein shakes and avocados. Every two or three weeks, she allows herself to eat pizza and chips with ice cream or Mexican food. In addition, every day she eats sugary cereal to stop sugar cravings.

On Sundays, Hannah allows herself a big Breakfast with mushrooms grilled vegetarian sausages, tomatoes with beans and toast.

The woman began to engage with the online coach, which made her a nutrition plan and workouts. “The exercises helped me to overcome a regime of strict isolation. Now I Wake up at half past six in the morning and dress up in a tracksuit. I printed out training plans for each day and hang a plan today on Board and start training in front of a mirror. After a workout, take a shower and continue my day,” she said.

Not to abandon training to help her pictures, which is visible progress. In the result, Hannah managed to lose weight up to 63.5 kg.

“Motivation for me is to know that I feel good every day. My psyche in order, and I’ll look great when quarantine will end, and I can go out,” she said. A woman is not going to stop there and to take part in the competition in the fitness bikini.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of San Francisco, California, lost four sizes with a virtual classroom with a trainer. She chose to schedule three half-hour sessions per week.

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