Tikhonov said spoke about doping in the Russian biathlon Gubernieva


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Four-time Olympic champion and former head of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) Alexander Tikhonov said sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev, who spoke about doping in Russian biathlon. His words are quoted by Sport24.

Tikhonov said that he was deeply spit on the allegations of the commenter, and called Chelsea the sick man. “It is evident that it is not far from the mind. I was even pleased when he is nonsense”, — he stressed.

Also, the former head of the RBU noticed that during his work in organizing the “no doping was not a brand”, in addition to the history of Olga Dust that was suspended in 2006. “Doping Dust have been explained. Wine was her husband. I wrote about it in the book”, — said the Olympic champion.

Tikhonov was the head of the RBU from 1996 to 2008 and for two years remained at the post of Vice-President of the organization. He now resides in Belarus, and often criticizes the leadership of the Russian biathlon, in particular, acting head of the Russian biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev.

Earlier Guberniev said that the Russian team was abusing drugs when the head of the RBU was Tikhonov. “Often in those years we were cheating and eating doping,” he said.

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