Treasure hunters found on the seabed precious hours


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Treasure hunters found in the coastal waters of the Greek island of Corfu precious hours. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

May 8, British treasure hunters Stephen Kershaw (Stephen Kershaw) and Simon (Simon) snorkeling with a metal detector and found at the bottom of a more expensive Swiss watch brand Breitling. The video shows how Kershaw dives under the water and pulls out from under the rock lost jewel. Although the decoration for some time been at sea, it continued to work.

“Some poor guy lost them… Now they belong to us? — ironically said the treasure hunter, when wearing the watch on right wrist. — They fit perfectly under my suit”.

Treasure hunters Kershaw and Simon are YouTube channel GoAndGarrett, which tells the audience about his findings, as on earth, and under the water.

Last year it was reported that in Scotland the treasure hunter Deposit at the bottom of the river, the UK’s biggest gold nugget. Since it was split into two parts, he was given the name “Reunion of the nugget”. Both fragments were only 30 centimeters from each other.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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