Trump has promised to stop the self-suppression of coronavirus


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The US President Donald trump said that he will stop taking a drug for malaria that uses as the prevention of infection by coronavirus. It is reported The Hill.

Over the past few days on trump’s struck a wave of criticism and skepticism after his Declaration that he was taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus. In an interview with reporters, the U.S. leader promised to stop taking the medication. “In my opinion, the treatment ends in two days. I think it will happen in two days,” said trump during a meeting with the governors of Arkansas and Kansas.

Press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makanani told CBN News that the drug was assigned to the Trump White house doctor Sean Conley (Sean Conley) after they discussed its effectiveness. But trump did not provide any information about the dosage or schedule of medication. The lack of information gave rise to skepticism about whether the White house is taking hydroxychloroquine.

The methods of the US President has been criticized by many prominent American political figures. So, the likely Democratic candidate in the presidential elections of the USA Joe Biden criticized trump, calling his actions “absolutely irresponsible.” The speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi also expressed their concerns regarding the admission of trump drugs, saying that a man of his age and weight category — “obese” — should not do that. The leader of the democratic minority in the Senate Chuck Schumer condemned the actions of the White house, saying that it gives people false hope in connection with the administration of the drug.

Trump has repeatedly advertised the hydroxychloroquine as a means to combat coronavirus after some initial studies in Europe have shown positive results in the treatment of patients taking the drug. Despite this, further testing of the drug questioning its effectiveness and fears of side effects.

In April, the Office for quality control of food and drugs issued a warning that anti-malarial drug should not be taken outside the hospital, without medical supervision or without clinical trials because the risk of serious problems with the cardiovascular system.

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