A colleague explained the emergence of the nurses in a bikini in a Russian hospital


www.vsyako.netPhoto: “Tula News”

Colleague nurses from Tula infectious hospital, appeared at work in a transparent protective suit and bikini, explained her act. He told about it to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The hospital staff was taking care of it, admitting that a scandal like this was going and other doctors, mostly men. “You worked in these suits? They are very hot. I personally also in shorts only go for a change,” said a colleague of nurse Paul.

The interlocutor of the edition explained that, according to the rules, protective suits worn on a disposable or cotton pajamas. After each interruption of the protective suit is thrown out, and pyjamas are either erased or sent to the trash. According to his calculations, all hospital staff is required from 300 to 500 pairs of pajamas per day, and in connection with their shortage, health workers go in your own clothes. In this underwear, as the third layer, is a clean and needs no treatment.

Colleague Tula nurses noted that the manufacturers of protective suits did not expect that their product will be the only protective layer. “Doctors don’t like to go in a transparent suits, but others do not,” said he.

Paul condemned patients photographed his colleagues. According to him, they were to rejoice that “voluptuous girl went like this”. “If patients happily take pictures and post pictures, they are either not sick, or treat them well and they should go home now. (…) Well, I add: when you go to the hospital, the staff is not taking pictures of your short skirt and petticoats” — he was indignant, accusing undergoing treatment of Russians in the desire to have fun.

The incident became known on may 19. The medic explained that he decided not to wear clothes, because in a protective suit run very hot. According to her, she did not expect that the suit will Shine through.

The girl stood up readers of the local media. It was supported by the Russian Deputy Nikolai Valuev — he said that the nurse awakened the patient the will to live and it should be encouraged.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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