A well-known blogger criticized security measures in Russia


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A well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov have criticized measures of public safety in Russian cities, calling them is absolutely useless. In a posting on his personal website he explained in detail why almost every guard in the city interferes with normal life, is used as a means of manipulating the mass consciousness and is a stupid waste of budgetary funds.

Varlamov started with “the main Russian tradition” — fences, an excessive amount of which is not only meaningless, but also harmful. For example, in the event of an accident the car could easily break the fence, and the pieces of it will turn into shrapnel. Fences also complicate the cleaning of the streets and ruining the appearance of cities, said the blogger.

The same applies to bright frames around signs pedestrian crossing and yellow zebras. Ill-considered design with the use of acid colors distracts drivers instead to focus their attention on pedestrians, said Varlamov. In addition, the bright yellow paint is expensive and does not have anti-slip properties, if applied on the road.

Separately, the blogger touched on the topic of security in places of a mass congestion of people — shopping malls, schools, railway stations. In his view, the doubtful role of scanners and a large number of police on the inputs: a crowd of people in the queue for the “frame” only plays into the hands of conditional terrorists. Moreover, as noted Varlamov from the terrorist attacks in Russia kills as many people as in an accident one day.

Second, the blogger pointed out, the rules require leave open low outputs. Because of this it may be a crush in the event of fire or other emergency. The situation is aggravated by the absence of clear pointers to the nearest exits.

Lastly, Varlamov has questioned the use of metal doors in the hallways — they are, in the opinion of the blogger, you can open a simple jerk or using universal passwords. Competence of security guards or concierges in the case of an armed RAID or other serious accidents also doesn’t have Varlamov’s confidence.

Earlier in may, the chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov expressed the opinion that open spaces form a safe environment, and not the fences. The whole world experience, according to him, confirms this.

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