Became aware of the lapses of memory of Boris Moiseev


www.vsyako.netBoris Moiseevich:

The state of Boris Moiseyev is deteriorating “from a moral point of view,” he had memory lapses. About it the newspaper “Interlocutor” said music critic Sergei of Neighbors who knew the artist.

“Bob doesn’t always know who’s calling. In our last conversation I told him how we started, what we had, and he began to remember during the conversation… He doesn’t remember people, no recollection of the events. Those artists who would like again with Boris to laugh, talk, perceive it as before, but he has me and our story now,” — said the source publication.

Promoter Sergei Lavrov, previously hosted concerts of Moses, stated that the artist “is, of course, a speech delay, but he’s not senile, he is still joking, talking”. According to him, the singer for financial help groupies and Nelly Kobzon and Alla Pugacheva.

In December 2010 Boris Moiseev came in one of the Moscow hospitals with a stroke. He was discharged in February 2011.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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