Described the last minute crashed Pakistan plane


www.vsyako.netImage: @flightradar24

The Airbus A320 plane “Pakistani airlines”, crashed into residential areas in Karachi, the pilots tried to land urgently. His last moments were described Twitter service Flightradar24.

“Flight PK 8303 took off from Lahore at 8:05. At 09:34, the aircraft attempted to sit up, but at a height of 275 feet (83 meters) the attempt was cancelled and the aircraft climbed to an altitude of 3175 feet, (967 meters). Signal was lost at 9:40 already at an altitude of 525 feet (160 meters)”, — stated in the message.

Famous Pakistani pilot and singer Fakhr-e-Alam had earlier said that the cause of the accident was the loss of one engine.

Passenger plane “Pakistani airlines” crashed earlier on may 22, crashing on houses. It is known that he was flying from Lahore to Karachi. On Board the aircraft were 98 people

Video, photo All from Russia.


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