Disclosed resulting in a pandemic coronavirus new indicators of wealth


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Journalists Business Insider has revealed new measures of well-being that arose during the pandemic coronavirus. The relevant article appeared on the newspaper’s website.

In particular, when the United States faced the lack of diagnostic tests in the early stages of infection, some wealthy citizens have begun to hire personal doctors. These doctors came to the house and conducted individual testing that allow easily and quickly learn the results of tests for COVID-19.

Another luxury was the presence of domestic staff during the regime of isolation. Thus, wealthy people with servants moved to of luxury country house. For example, residents of new York mainly prefer to spend the quarantine in the North, in the mountains or in the prestigious area of the Hamptons.

Moreover, during a pandemic, the rich became interested in the ranch. Company California Outdoor Properties, which is engaged in the sale of such estates in California and Nevada, told Business Insider that in April demand for real estate increased by 76 percent. Business owner Todd Renfrew noted that he recently sold a ranch worth 5.7 million dollars (404 million) to a buyer from California who wanted to “escape” from the coronavirus.

In addition, some wealthy people started to get a second passport to give yourself the opportunity at any time to go to a country offering better medical care. According to the publication, during the first three months of 2020 the number of people applying for a new citizenship has increased by 42 percent.

In April it was reported that rich people have spent millions of dollars on diamonds from boredom in isolation. Specialist auction house Sotheby’s Catharine Becket noted that wealthy people buy jewelry and wear them home because it brings them joy. In total, sales of jewelry house Sotheby’s totaled $ 6.1 million (451 million rubles).

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