Europeans were more likely to ask for food


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European food banks is a charitable organization dedicated to the collection and transfer of food to needy — note the spike in the number of cases amid pandemic coronavirus and rising unemployment. Many citizens were not able to feed themselves and were more likely to ask to give them food, writes Bloomberg.

The head of the Italian network of food banks Banco Alimentare Giovanni Bruno notes that never faced a similar crisis: the number of requests for food parcels have increased by 40 percent. Volunteers see new faces every day. Some of the applicants had previously worked self-employed and could always provide themselves with food.

In conditions of deep economic recession there is a danger of a growing gap in incomes of Europeans, experts warn. Many of the victims of the crisis associated with the pandemic, are unable to count on the support of the authorities. It’s small business owners, freelancers, and those on temporary contracts in industries such as tourism, hotel and restaurant business. They have no savings to survive the loss of sources of income.

Officials who monitor the level of mortality in the UK, said the slow economic recovery could lead to a “significant number of deaths as a result of the fact that people find themselves in poverty or in conditions of long-term unemployment”. Conrado Jimenez, managing a charitable organisation Fundacion Madrina in Madrid, said that before the crisis he and his volunteers fed about 400 families, but now 2,5 thousand families.

Experts note that falling incomes can lead to a social explosion, people will take to the streets. Southern Europe, well-being is heavily dependent on tourism, was hit especially hard. According to the sociologist and employee of the Foundation Jean Jaures Julien Damon, “there is a serious risk that many people will once again put on their yellow vests and will rebel”.

Earlier, in April, it was reported that a record unemployment led to a massive famine in the United States. Long lines for little food sets testify about the devastating impact of the pandemic on the well-being of American citizens.

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