In the Russian apartment building found two dozen brothels



Inhabitants of many-storeyed houses in the street Yesenin in St. Petersburg launched a struggle with numerous showrooms of sexual services working in the building. Citizens are counted in the neighborhood nearly two dozen — 18 — brothels. It is reported

According to the portal, many of the salons have been operating for several years and seek their closure the petitioners fails. The residents of apartment buildings are forced to witness the queues of drunken men lining up at the door of the apartments, where there are brothels. In addition, they prevent the noise and fights, occasionally occurring in intim-shops.

“The constant noise, laughter, groans, talking, slamming doors. Leave bottles, cigarette butts in the stairwell. Get in everyone,” — said local resident Anastasia. At the end of April under the Windows of one of the brothels found a naked citizen of Cameroon subsequently, she was hospitalized in the Russian hospital with suspected coronavirus.

According to residents, the police tried to disperse the prostitutes, but after a time the salons reopened in the same place. Currently, law enforcement officers are treated with regular reports on the brothels housed in the building. The difficulty is that workers in the sex industry simply refuse to open the door when the place comes precinct.

Earlier, in March, it became known that in Russia sharply reduced the demand for sexual services due to pandemic coronavirus. In the movement of sex workers “Silver rose” build unfavourable forecasts for the future: according to the Association leader Irina Maslova, at the end of the pandemic, many women lose their jobs, moreover, will fall the prices for sexual services.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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