In the United States complained of the refusal of hospitals to treat blacks with the coronavirus


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In American the Mississippi, where most of the population is dark-skinned family who died of coronavirus complained of racial stratification and conflicts with medical institutions. On Friday, may 22, according to ABC News.

According to them, poverty and race have become a new factor of survival at this time. “The pandemic has shown us that in America there is a healthcare system which does not serve all citizens”, — said the head of the Department of history of science, Harvard University Evelyn Hammonds and then added that the difference is not in the susceptibility of various organisms to the virus, and in relation to each other. In her opinion, blacks do not help, denied treatment in hospitals — the health system has ignored their requests.

Local resident Cassandra Rollins said that her daughter died from complications of coronavirus infection. According to her, it all could have been avoided if the medical facility she previously held the screening for the virus. “We almost had to fight for the test,” said Rollins.

In addition, the woman noted that due to the fact that you’re not rich, the healthcare system forgets about the insurance and treatment. “I blame America. I just blame the healthcare system because they feel that this could have been avoided,” she commented the death of his daughter Salondry Rollins.

The mayor of Jackson, Chokwe Antar Lumumba said he doesn’t want Mississippi has removed the restrictions before. He believes that re-opening areas will put at risk more than 80 percent of the black population. “The right to vote became a strong impetus to the development in the 20th century. I think access to healthcare should be a right for which we must fight in the 21st century”, he said and added: “People can’t afford to be sick. People can’t afford to have a doctor.”

The scientists noted that in the U.S. black people infected — three times more than the others. In Mississippi blacks make up 37 percent of the population. While 52 percent of those who died from COVID-19.

As at 22 may in the United States has the highest number of infected with coronavirus — 1.57 million. Only cure, there are 308 thousand who died — more than 95 thousand people. In the world since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of reported cases of infection has exceeded 5 million. Growth contracted for a day has made more than 100 thousand people.

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