Invented in the binge house glorified the American



In the US, the American put up for sale unusual house, the design of which was invented in the binge, and became famous on the Internet. This writes Triblive.

The announcement of the sale of modest-looking two-storey building in the city of plum, Pennsylvania, appeared on a dedicated website Zillow. It was built in 1969, from 1970, it was owned by John cope with his wife. In the period of their stay in the house, the living space was standard. However, after 1993, the marriage broke up, cope began to drink, and during one of the booze decided to radically update the repair.

“In one year [after the divorce] I was sitting on their patio, drunk and naked, as I usually have been at the time, and all of these ideas literally flowed out of my alcohol-soaked brain to paper. The next morning after I sobered up, I revised the outline and realized that we can implement them,” said cope.

The renovation of the cottage started in 1994 and estimated to cope, it cost him 35 thousand dollars. Dining room the owner of the house designed in the style of a spaceship, one of the bedrooms is decorated as a tropical island and has sand instead of a floor. The bathroom is decorated in jungle style with plastic sheets everywhere. The house sold for almost 160 thousand dollars.

After placing an ad to sell instantly spread on the Internet. The page where you posted pictures of interior decoration of the building, was visited by more than 1.6 million times and has been saved to my bookmarks more than 10 thousand times, according to Zillow.

Earlier it was reported that in France, the couple bought a small house in the village Belabre in the South-West of the country and found in the walls of the walled secret room, untouched since the beginning of the XX century.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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