Lawyer Lolita I find “wonderful” details of hospitalization of her ex-husband


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The lawyer of the singer Lolita Milavskaya Sergei Zhorin stated that I find “wonderful” details of hospitalization of her ex-husband Dmitry Ivanov. His words reports “the Fifth channel” on Friday, may 22.

“I found out that Ivanov has been a wonderful healing, because when the news broke of his hospitalization, journalists wrote that he is actually dying,” said the lawyer.

According to him, Ivanov, in comments to the press hinted that he organized the attack Zhorin. “It connects the attack with the fact that I told him in court,” he explained.

Counsel urged not to believe “information stuffing”. “Let’s boycott Ivanov and all his fake news”, — said the Zhorin.

May 21, Ivanov confirmed his hospitalization, noting that he could not give a more detailed review. He noted that everything is fine with him, but the doctors forbade him to talk a lot. It was reported that the man was taken to hospital with various injuries.

In the summer of 2019 Lolita in social networks announced that he had separated from her husband because the couple has long remained indifferent to each other. After the divorce, Ivanov filed lo a statement to the police, saying that Zhorin the court was required to recognize their marriage was a sham and that he wants to encourage the singer to answer for these words.

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