Looking 20 years grandma showed the face up close and was surprised subscribers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @sweetalice101

A Yoga teacher from California showed the photo, which captured close to her face, and surprised users. In a picture posted to her Instagram account drew the attention of the journalists of the Daily Star.

In an interview with 41-year-old Alice Vasquez (Alice Vasquez) admitted that pretty early on immersed in family chores, as had my first daughter at 16. The woman also said that her children also started their own families at an early age, so at the moment she already has grandchildren. However, according to American women, men often tell her that at 40 she looks better than some girls in 20 years.

Recently a young grandma interested in fitness and yoga, and started my blog in Instagram, which has been signed by 32 thousand people. In her account she posts selfies and photos that shows his toned body.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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