Mikhalkov accused Posner of lying, and revealed details of their secret correspondence


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Director Nikita Mikhalkov has accused the TV presenter Vladimir Pozner in a lie and revealed details of their secret correspondence, which promised him never to publish. The latest issue of the author’s program Mikhalkov’s “Besogon TV” posted on YouTube.

According to the Director, after the controversial release of “Besogon TV” on the plan of billionaire bill gates chipped population of the planet Posner sent him a critical letter, the contents of which were asked not to disclose. However, after Posner was critical of the Mikhalkov on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the Director decided to reveal the details of a personal letter.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, why the heck you touched me?”, asked Mikhalkov to Posner and quoted several fragments from the letter with their comments. Mikhalkov noted that he had removed himself from the leading word, as he considers that he himself broke it.

The Director cited an excerpt from a letter to Posner. “You have always belonged to the elite, both Soviet and Russian… censorship has not touched You and, I think, is helpful for a person like You, to have its effect. Agree, offensive and disgusting…” — wrote that Mikhalkov. However, the Director concluded that it was a lie that he “knew not censorship” and said that only one his picture of the “Relatives” received 117 amended, 70 of which he had to perform. “What are you talking about? Well, if you are ready to talk, why you say what you don’t know?” — he turned to the master.

In addition, the Director was indignant with the words of Posner that “the Soviet partocracy was disastrous for the country”. According to Mikhalkov, in the biography of the master has episodes that make such statements it is prohibitively. For example, the fact that Posner was a member of the Communist party, and later worked as a Secretary in the Committee on radio and television. The Director also sent viewers to the page of the journalist Maxim Novikov, who argues that Posner was a secret agent of the KGB.

As confirmation of this point of view, he remembered that since the late 1980s, Posner led the transfer into English for US and was often the guest of the program Nightline on the American channel, where she presented “in the best light” all the decisions taken by the Soviet government. According to Mikhalkov, the man who could be trusted to speak to the Americans, “justifying the actions of this country”, had to undergo a serious “casting”. “So about lies, I think you’d better, to put it mildly, to remain silent,” — said Posner Director.

In early may, Mikhalkov on air of the program “Besogon TV” suspected billionaire and philanthropist bill gates wanting to microchip all people in the world. The TV channel “Russia 24” showed replays of the issue under the title “one in the pocket of the United States?” what Mikhalkov subsequently complained of censorship. Later, the leadership of “Russia 24” said that it plans to abandon the “Besogon TV”.

Posner later stated that looked at this issue of “Besogon TV”. The moderator noted that experienced disgust while viewing, and thought that the statements Mikhalkov was a “colossal lie.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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