Russia responded to the US plan to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Baranov / RIA Novosti

The Russian foreign Ministry responded to the US plan to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies (DON). This decision is regrettable, but not surprising from the Russian side, said in a statement on the Agency’s website.

The diplomat noted that this decision is consistent with the General political line chosen by the United States — “the destruction of the whole complex of agreements in the field of arms control and confidence-building measures in the military field”. In this case, following it, the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump ignores the interests of its allies, as well as authoritative views of the American congressmen and experts from USA and Europe.

The foreign Ministry emphasizes that the pattern of withdrawal from the Treaty worked out by the American side at the exit from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty): the main element of it — the accusations against Russia. In this case, as previously, in the case of DON, they are unfounded and contrived. It is noted that the US and its allies themselves put obstacles for checks on Russian requests, in the form of an ultimatum demanding the report from Moscow.

In conclusion, the representatives of the agencies calling for equal dialogue and insist that the preservation of the contract — in the interests of national security, negotiability and credibility of the United States.

Previously on 22 may it was reported that the EU regret the withdrawal of the United States and will continue to comply with the conditions of DON. Shortly before that, concern about the decision of Americans expressed at the UN.

May 21 it became known about the US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. The us state Department said that it will enter into force six months from may 22. Trump announced that Washington has decided to take this step due to the behavior of Moscow, which allegedly violates the terms of the contract. The White house said that Russia during flights over the United States in the framework of the agreement allegedly followed the location of the trump.

The contract between 23 member States of the OSCE in 1992, gives the possibility to participating countries to make the inspection circled each other, observing military activities and compliance with existing treaties in the field of arms control.

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