Starring in underwear the doctor praised the act Tula nurses in bikinis


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Starring in underwear pediatrician from St. Petersburg Anastasia Orlova appreciated the act of the colleagues from infectious hospital in Tula, which is to work wearing a transparent protection suit over a bikini. His opinion was shared with Metro.

According to the companion publication, she went to the costumes and knows how they feel uncomfortable and unbearably hot. “I would have looked at those critics, if they spent a few hours in this protection,” she said, noting that in hot weather in such clothing can easily pass out.

Orlov suggested that the nurse might not know about transparency strong suit, but she should wear medical clothes. She added that she does not condemn the girl, who probably had no other choice. “Either dress up, or rot in overalls,” said the pediatrician.

The doctor also chided made the patient. In her opinion, the man acted like a pig. She recalled that the doctors do not post photos of patients in the sweat pants stretched and in another inappropriate way.

The doctor from St. Petersburg, noticed that Tula is now the nurse can experience a lot of stress on the background of criticism, and advised her not to read the comments and comforted, that after a few days the resonance will take place.

About the appearance of a picture with a nurse in a bikini has become known on may 19. The girl explained that she dressed that way because she was very hot, and she did not expect that the suit will be so much to Shine through.

Anastasia Orlova became famous when at the end of March, the network appeared in her skimpy underwear. She said she starred in a photo shoot for themselves and “to see friends”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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