The best biathlete of the world laughed at the madness Bjoerndalen



Norwegian biathlete Johannes boe commented on the return of eight-time Olympic champion OLE Einar Bjoerndalen in China during a pandemic coronavirus. His words led TV2.

BAA laughed at the decision Bjoerndalen to run 10 kilometers in the hotel room in conditions of quarantine. “It’s too silly, ule. I was impressed with his madness for 20 years, but now it brought. The difference between me and OLE that I never would have gone to China to spend two weeks in a hotel room,” he considered the star.

BAA was the best biathlete in the world this season, taking first place in the overall world Cup standings. On account of his victory at the Olympic games in 2018 and 10 gold medals at the world Championships.

Bjoerndalen announced his retirement from the sport in April 2018. Eight times he was an Olympic champion. After a career athlete and his wife, Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva became part of the coaching staff of the China national team on biathlon.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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