The founder of Twitter give away all your money


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Founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey is planning to end the life of giving away to charity all his money. He told this in an interview with politician and businessman Andrew Jan, this entry was posted on YouTube.

“I want to be sure I’m doing everything to help through the work of my companies, through personal donations. I want to give all your money throughout life. Want to see a change as long as I live,” — said the head of Twitter. Dorsey has already sent more than 85 million dollars to various organizations.

It publicly reports on the translation via Google document. The businessman did not establish a charitable Fund to avoid the costs associated with its management.

Earlier Dorsey gave a billion dollars to fight the coronavirus. He was the most generous donor as in absolute amount and share of his fortune (about 28 percent). Dorsey promised that will continue the charitable work after the completion of the pandemic, but will shift the focus to topics of women’s health, education and unconditional basic income.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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