The head of the Crimea estimated the timing of the admission of Muscovites to the Peninsula


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The tourism sector in the Crimea next summer is unlikely to be fully operational because of possible difficulties with the admission of guests from other regions. On Friday, may 22, at the meeting of the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of infection, said the head of the region Sergey Aksenov, reports “Crimea 24”.

“By July 1, the number of infections in Moscow and the Moscow region, ( … ), I do not believe that will be less than three thousand per day, which in this case will not allow you to use this transport direction”, — said the head of the Republic, assessing the timing of the admission of tourists.

According to him, in General, to rely on inter-regional tourism is not worth it, especially at the influx of travelers from the Central regions, the largest number of tourists on the Peninsula.

Earlier Friday it was reported that Russian scientists have uncovered two scenarios for the completion of the coronavirus pandemic in the Crimea. According to experts, in the case of the complete lifting of quarantine measures on the Peninsula will be outbreak of disease when the virus can get over 50 thousand people. In this scenario, the region will reach the peak only by the end of August.

According to the latest figures, recorded in the Crimea 324 confirmed cases of infection. High alert mode is cancelled in the Republic from may 18 for all citizens, in addition to elderly older than 65 years. Also removed restrictions on the operation of enterprises, but all objects in the Spa industry, public catering and enterprises with a mass congestion of people while working is prohibited.

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