The matchmaker of “let’s get married!” called a stop word to the household of conflict


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Leading the popular TV program “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova told the Russians to use stop words for the relief of domestic disputes during the period of self-isolation. Herself matchmaker to resolve household quarrels uses the word “chicken”. She told about it on air of radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Sabitova said that the task of organizing family life for women. According to her, “mistress needs to return families to a working state”. Matchmaker advised Russians to enter into the rhythm of life in which they lived before the pandemic coronavirus.

To avoid severe conflicts Sabitova recommended the use of special stop words, noting that her family is “chicken”. The presenter and her family called it when the fight comes to a “point of no return.” “We just agreed, by the way, the whole family, and as soon as that moment comes, even to the point of no return, we say a code word. For us the code word was “chicken”. First is funny, second, it leads away it is a distraction. We turned around and went to different corners. This is a very good way to escape,” — said the matchmaker.

Earlier, in April, the Russians gave advice on survival in isolation. According to psychologists, can make restrictions in the period of the spread of coronavirus citizens to help a new hobby, short time of using the gadgets, the ventilation of apartments and a number of other measures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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