The presenter stopped to wash his head and shared experience


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Susannah Constantine

British TV presenter Susannah Constantine (Susannah Constantine) refused to wash it for six weeks and shared the results. As writes Daily Mail, for this she decided to use the time in isolation.

Before the experiment, leading familiarized with the theories of the opponents of the shampoos. They argued that, if you do not wash your hair for six weeks, the hair will start to self-clean. Shampoos with their point of view, are harmful because they contain chemicals that wash away the “natural deer”. At the same time to wash your hair with water without the use of any vehicles is permitted.

Constantine noted that before the experiment washed your hair not less than once in three days. According to her, the serious problems started in the middle of the second week. “Dry my hair looked fine, but when I went to the shower and they were wet, it was absolutely disgusting,” shared leading. She added that while her hands were always smeared with fat, and his hair looked like a heavy, wet and oil soaked sponge.

At the end of the second week the woman was ready to give up, but eventually continued the experiment. In the third week she noticed that her hair so much fat that they can take any form, for example, to stand upright. Then she washed my hair with Apple cider vinegar with lavender oil. Some time later, Constantine drew attention to the fact that her hair began to look more healthy, thick and voluminous. At the end of six weeks, observations of the leading hair didn’t feel dirty and become much more obedient. Now, recognized a woman she doesn’t need conditioners, gels, wax, sprays that “advertising makes us to buy.”

In January it was reported that 16-year-old Paige Lawn (Paige Gozon) from North Carolina, USA, became famous in the network after the failure of the shampoo for the first time in eight years washed my hair. She refused this procedure in 2012, then it was a protest against parents who, despite the reluctance of girls, forced her to wash my hair every day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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