The Prosecutor’s office assessed the extortion in the case of staged a massacre Shamsutdinova


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The military Prosecutor’s office assessed the complaint of the soldier Ramil Shamsutdinova to extortion seniors. About it URA.RU said the father of the conscript Salim.

The decision of the Prosecutor of the Eastern military district said that the soldier gave his Bank card to a colleague by the name Abdrakhmanov, who took her two thousand rubles to prepare for demobilization. According to investigators, Shamsutdinov borrowed money render veterans, but he had not managed to repay him because the soldier was arrested after shooting co-workers. Threats from Abdrakhmanova prosecutors were unable to confirm and affirm that Shamsutdinov renounced claims to the debtor. Accordingly, the Prosecutor’s office refused to recognize the soldier as victim in the case of extortion.

In addition, the transaction history of the card is not found transfers from the father Shamsutdinova, who was sent son the extra money to pay off extortionists. Salim said that transferred money to Ramil, and in the name of Nicholas Tashmanova. He believes a Prosecutor’s check of surface. The soldier’s father also said his son did not renounce claims to Abdrakhmanov.

On 27 February it was reported that Shamsutdinova refused to recognize the victims on the case of extortion, but his lawyers appealed the decision.

A native of Tyumen village vagai Ramil Shamsutdinov shot 10 soldiers and officers in October 2019. Eight people died on the spot. The conscript’s lawyers insist that he was driven to crime by bullying.

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