The Russians called the house of the neighbors garbage and demolished it


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In Novosibirsk the man demolished the house of the neighbors, which had been prescribed for two families with young children. Thus Russians wanted to “remove debris” from his site, reports REN TV.

The victims were at that time visiting relatives. After the house was destroyed, the man called my neighbors to clear the debris. Partially intact one room.

According to family members, a neighbor presented a Federal judge and had pressure on them for eight years. He claimed that the land on which the house stood, is his property. A man is not held responsible for damaging someone else’s property. The incident he called up garbage from your site.

Former tenants of the demolished house told me that he planned to privatize the property. They suggest that premature demolition could be associated with the imminent registration of property rights.

In February 2020 their housing in the same way have lost the pensioner from Moscow. According to eyewitnesses, threw out her legs on the street and then demolished the house.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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