The Russians came to the defense beat the pedophile police


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The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has released three police officers who were detained in the city of Borovichi of the Novgorod region on suspicion in beating of the defendant in the case about pedophilia. About it “” has informed the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

According to her, the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin ordered to withdraw from court a petition for taking operatives into custody.

On may 21, before the building of the investigative Department of the TFR in Borovichi there were about a hundred locals who came to the defense of police and demanded their release, reports 47News. FSB with support of fighters SWAT detained in workplaces 31-year-old major Dmitry Alexandrov and 29-year-old captain Edgar Afanasyev. Their colleague, 30-year-old captain Pavel Borovkov, security forces took in St. Petersburg, where he was on a business trip and was taken in handcuffs to Novgorod.

In 2019 the police caught was operating in Borovichi pedophile, who molested girls aged 9-12 years in buses. During the arrest the suspect resisted and operatives applied physical force to him, which was reported in the report. Two days later the man was released due to incorrect identification in a criminal case while he was on the loose, the police received another complaint about the Commission of a crime against a girl of 8 years. Pedophile arrested again and accused of committing a violent sexual acts and debauchery. Two victims for 14 years.

While the TFR in the complaint of the detainee opened a criminal case against police officers under article about excess of authority for beating a suspect.

The people’s Assembly on may 21, one of the first to protect police officers stood Ivan, the girl’s father, to which molested a pedophile. According to him, the daughter was driving home from school on the bus in the back seat when she began to touch the suspect, and the people in the cabin were few. The police, the detainee confessed to their inclinations, but because of mistakes of the investigation he was released.

“I don’t understand what is happening, they also during this time two more were detained, they are even awarded,” says Ivan.

According to the investigative Committee, is accused of crimes against children in custody. His police force had suffered multiple injuries. The testimony of the victim and other evidence confirms their guilt, noted in the TFR.

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