The Russians opened the way to abandon snacking on isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Peter Chernov / RIA Novosti

The desire to arrange a small snack on the isolation is not due to hunger, and anxiety. Not want to constantly be snacking, you need, first and foremost, to focus on the emotional stress and worry, and not “seizing” it, the head of the Center for the study of eating disorders Anna Korshunova. Her words are on the website of the TV channel “360”.

She noted that, in particular, to abandon snacking Russians can help relaxation techniques, after which you should try to respond to the emotion. “If this anger is to respond to anger if good mood for him. That is, feel and live the emotion instead of try ineffectively to escape,” said Korshunova.

According to experts, if the problem persists, it is best to seek the advice of a psychologist.

Earlier in may, endocrinologist of the highest category, candidate of medical Sciences Zalina Husova noted that the worst consequences of isolation are the stress and panic that cause the constant feeling of hunger, thus leading to overeating. To maintain your figure and health in norm Husova recommended often and fractional eat. This, in her view, should help avoid the feeling of hunger, due to which the body and puts additional reserves.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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