The Russians “took a walk” on the balcony and got 11 penalties for violation of isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

In Moscow, the couple received 11 penalties for 44 thousand rubles for violation of the regime of self-isolation. They never left the house for almost a month and went to “walk” and take pictures on the balcony. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to the publication, in late April, a 54-year-old Alexander waligórski as diagnosed with the coronavirus after which he and his wife were ordered to follow a policy of self-isolation. The couple claim that since they have installed the app “Social monitoring”, the apartment they left, only went to the balcony.

May 9, they were fine on the hot line “Social monitoring”. “They said the details can not know, when the paper of the decision will come by mail, we will be able to appeal”, — told Valigursky edition. The man believes that the application to prescribe penalties for photographs of landscapes, which he and his wife did on the balcony: the balcony faces towards the Moscow region, the forest.

“The photographs matched — fines were discharged in these days. Maybe the app catches the signal of our phone from a suburban cell tower and it believes the move?” said Valigorsky.

The capital’s residents have repeatedly complained about “Social monitoring” to use the citizens coronavirus and SARS symptoms to indicate their location. So, the Russian woman Irina Karabulatova recorded a video message in which he told that year didn’t leave the house because of a disability, she was diagnosed with SARS, but because of the inability to install the app on your phone it was fined in four thousand. Russian of Gregory Sakharov quarantined because of the illness, also filled up with fines for unproven violations of the regime of self-isolation. Since may 10, Sakharov began to receive the notification about the fines, despite the fact that it does not violate the regulations. Currently, the Russians have accumulated 6 fines in the amount of 24 thousand rubles, said “the” his wife Anastasia Head.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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