The trainer to the stars has opened the way to lose weight in the quarantine using the chair


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Personal trainer Ciara Madden (Madden Ciara), whose clients are TV presenter Maya JAMA and model demi rose, opened the ways to lose weight during the quarantine entered because of the pandemic coronavirus. The advice of a specialist leads the Daily Mail.

According to Madden, to effectively exercise even in a very small room where no special equipment. “You can always replace weights with bottles of water, and the weight — a backpack filled with heavy objects”, — the expert noted.

So, the trainer to the stars has developed a set of slimming exercise, for which you need only one chair. Among them, in particular, salageanu on a chair, which are made alternately right and left foot.

Also Madden offers two types of push-UPS. When the first version of the feet should be placed on the floor and bend at the knees at a right angle, and hands should rest on the chair seat behind you. The alternative can be more simple pushups, during which the hands rest on the seat under the body, and the legs are on the floor.

In addition, the coach demonstrated squats on one leg. Stop the second the legs must be retracted and lie on the chair seat. The complex Madden also included squats to touch the seat and pelvis.

According to the programme, each exercise should be performed 20 times. To accelerate weight loss during the stay in quarantine trainer recommends to limit the consumption of fatty foods and sweets.

Earlier in may it became known that one in every four Russians, switched to remote work because of the universal regime of self-isolation, gained weight. Thus, the recruitment of extra pounds admitted 24 percent have temporarily left the offices of employees. Lost, on the contrary, 12 percent of citizens.

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