The woman dropped 32 pounds in six months and told me his secret


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A doctor from India, who suffered from excessive weight, talked about how she managed to lose 32 pounds in six months, and described the secret to maintaining motivation. Her story was published by the Times of India.

With the growth of 160 centimeters 27-year-old Garima Bhola district (Bhola Ashish) weighed 92 pounds. Because of the excess weight she had to give up dancing, which she loved. The woman could not find in stores womens jeans the right size, so she had to wear men’s. This was the last straw that compelled her to think about losing weight.

Bhola dramatically reduced the amount of sugar in your diet and replaced junk food with fruits and vegetables. “I haven’t bought myself chocolate and eating pizza every three or four months,” she says. In addition, the woman began a daily Jogging and exercise. Six months later, her weight dropped to 60 pounds.

Now Bhola daily does 1000 jumping rope 50 lunges and steps on the pedestal and with pedestals, makes a run for 2.5 kilometers, then takes a quick step another 2.5 kilometers. Breakfast consists of two sandwiches and a glass of milk, the day she satisfies hunger with a plate of beans and Indian hash Wright, and in the evening another plate of beans. In addition, with every meal a woman eats two Indian bread chapatti and a portion of green vegetables.

Bhola realized that when losing weight you need to convince yourself not to retreat, no matter what. “And when you see the results, the road back will be gone,” she said. According to her, during class she was very helpful stories about the achievements of other people, gets in social networks. “I saw that many did not have time to get up and do, but they still as-that consulted,” she says.

In April it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spoke about how she managed for 12 months to lose 43 pounds. According to her, it was very important to set ourselves small achievable goals.

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