Unhygienic act of a passenger train during a pandemic angered the companions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @hammerberlin

Unhygienic act of a passenger train during a pandemic coronavirus angered passengers. The picture, which drew attention in the Daily Star, was published in storis Instagram account @passengershaming, the authors ridicule the strange antics of the tourists.

On available online the frame captured an unidentified woman in protective medical mask sitting in a chair, leaning back with his back to the window and putting bare feet on a nearby armrest.

One of the companions shot the event on camera and posted the photo online. “At least she’s in the mask,” he said in the post. It is assumed that the incident occurred in Germany.

March 13, the network has condemned passengers, threw the used wipes on the floor in the plane. A tourist named Dee, which was flying from Mexico to the United States, said that sitting in front of her the man wiped his seat and the neighboring seat with antibacterial wipes and then threw them under the seat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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