Unusual gift boyfriend brought the birthday girl to hysterics


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A resident of the English city of Denton, the County of greater Manchester, presented on the anniversary of the beloved unusual glass and drove her to hysteria. About this newspaper the Birmingham Mail.

28-year-old Daniel varey (Varey Daniel) wanted to give his girlfriend Haylie glass of gin engraved: “happy birthday Princess, love you madly.” However, when placing an order he messed up a line for a congratulatory text window for messages to the courier. As a result, the glass engraved with the text: “Bring, please, a gift before Monday, if possible, as it is this day we will celebrate her 30th birthday”.

The girl reacted to the mistake with humor. “I wanted to make this birthday so special hayli as possible. I have prepared for her a lot of gifts and booked a trip abroad in February 2021 (I hope everything will be held)”, — told Varya. Boyfriend realized the mistake may 18, when the hero of the day, unpacked the gift.

According to him, a glass of gin to 100 percent raised the birthday girl’s mood. “She wouldn’t stop laughing. She literally roared with laughter, — says the Briton. The gift came in the package, so I don’t see the inside until she unpacked it. I couldn’t understand why she reacted like that. After all I have invested in the gift of the whole soul and heart! But when she showed it to me, I was horrified”.

Haile was pleased with the unusual glass and have already tested it, and prepare lemonade gin. “The glass is perfect, he is insanely funny. This could only happen to us! It definitely lifted my spirits during the celebration of the birthday in isolation”, — shared his emotions the hero of the day.

Earlier it was reported that the girl decided to congratulate the beloved merry Christmas and accidentally revealed his secret. She planned to give the boyfriend DNA testing.

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