Was found to reduce the mortality rate from coronavirus drug


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Scientists Medical school at Johns Hopkins University started clinical trials found money against severe forms COVID-19 caused by excessive immune system response — the cytokine storm. The drug belongs to alpha-blockers, and its effectiveness was verified by experiments on mice. Article with results of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Alpha-blockers inhibit the activity of alpha-1 adrenergic receptors that respond to adrenaline and noradrenaline and affects the narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels. They are usually prescribed for diseases of the prostate and high blood pressure, but they also have the potential to affect the transmission of cellular signals leading to cytokine storm.

The results of a study conducted in 2018, showed that alpha blockers reduce the possibility of cytokine storm in mice with bacterial infection. The medications had a harmful effect on other immune responses. In the new work, scientists have found that if a patient with COVID-19 took alpha-blockers for the treatment of other diseases, then it decreased the risk of death from acute respiratory distress syndrome, which required intensive care and mechanical ventilation.

Because the evidence obtained does not provide a compelling argument in favor of the wide use of alpha-blockers for the treatment of COVID-19, the researchers plan to conduct tests in which patients will receive gradually increasing doses of the drug, called prazosinem, six days. After this, the specialists within 60 days will follow the level of hospitalization and the number of people who will need intensive therapy.

Cytokine storm is a chain reaction that leads to destruction, as if struck by a pathogen tissue and neighboring. As a result the whole body cover the inflammatory processes that threaten multiple organ failure and death.

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