Doctor butcher boasted the support of American readers


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The doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known to viewers as Dr. butcher from the TV program “About the most important thing” in his Telegram channel told why at the time decided to leave the United States. The doctor also shared some of the comments of American readers, praising Myasnikov for his honesty, in light of the recent statements of the doctor.

Myasnikov wrote that now he is “so famous” that it would be discussed even in the United States. “Would I have remained there — no one would be there never would have paid attention to the ordinary doctor’s private hospital,” wrote butcher. The doctor also remembered why I decided to leave America. He said that the life of a doctor in the US is so measured that “you consider that you have already died,” adding that every day is like the previous one and so for many years.

“At 6 in the morning at work, at home 22, for an hour on the road. Your life here is the hallway (where the placement of doctors in hospitals, usually without Windows) and a string of monotonous situations. Everything that is today will be tomorrow and the year after that, and after 20 years, no vacation (they can’t put more than a few days), no family (she can’t see you) or even money (personally the doctor to use them once!)”, — wrote to doctor.

Butchers were also asked to pay attention to the comments of Americans who are “fundamentally different from those” who discusses it here. Earlier, the us website Breitbart published an article about the doctor’s words about death from the coronavirus. “Russian logic is straightforward, it involves stating the obvious, not prevarication from truth, to make people feel better. Our doctors need to take note of it”, — said in a published Myasnikova comments.

“I agree. He didn’t say anything wrong. In fact, everything is right, spot-on. It is written very Russian. They lost tens of millions during the Second world war. Strong people,” said another reader.

Another user noted that “Alexander Myasnikov just trying to give idiots a much needed glimpse of what awaits them in the future.” Also, the reader noted that “in America no one don’t have the balls to do the same thing.”

Earlier in the release of the YouTube show “Thank you, doctor!” from may 19, Myasnikov said that in the case of infection with coronavirus antibodies can be detected only after 10-12 days, and their absence does not mean that the person is not infected. The doctor advised to live simply, because “we’re all going to parabolee” and “who should die will die”. The statement caused a negative reaction from users of social networks.

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