North Korea acknowledged the failure of Kim Il sung to teleport


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The official publication of the North Korea presumably denied the fact that the country’s founder, Kim Il sung, was able to teleport in space. About it reports South Korean Agency “Yonhap”, citing a daily newspaper, the DPRK “Rodong Sinmun”.

Wednesday, may 20, the newspaper published an article that refuted the legend that Kim Il sung practiced “chukjibeop”, in fact — of the mystical “method of shrinking the earth” used in martial arts to teleport to the enemy. “In fact, people can not suddenly disappear and reappear, turning space,” the article says.

Radio Free Asia said that according to the myth, Kim Il sung used the mystical technique to win the battle with the Imperial Japanese soldiers at a time when Korea was a Japanese colony (1910-1945). Then the founder of North Korea allegedly led Korean partisans in exile.

The Ministry of enterprises of the Republic of Korea noted that the new trend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, rejecting the mystification of their ancestors, “deserves attention”. An official at the Ministry said that “I think he [Kim Jong UN] emphasizes patriotism and love for the people and not a hoax leaders.”

Last year, Kim made a statement not approving the hoax of the country’s leaders. “The hoax of the revolutionary activities and the image of the leader would lead to the concealment of truth” — the words quoted Kim in March last year, state media. “Absolute loyalty will occur when (they are) mesmerized by the leader as a person and friend,” he added.

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