Posner released personal correspondence after allegations Mikhalkov in a lie


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Russian TV presenter Vladimir Pozner said in his column about his own vision of the conflict with the Director Nikita Mikhalkov after he accused him of lying. Also, Posner has published personal correspondence with the opponent, but stressed that to continue the discussion do not intend to.

Posner said he would not discuss the issue of Mikhalkov’s “Besogon”. “Yes, and to comment on his program, too, will not, because it is not only pointless, but would sink to the level which I consider unacceptable,” wrote the presenter. In this issue Mikhalkov told about the alleged plan of the billionaire and founder Microsoft bill gates chipped population. According to Posner, he respects the talent of the Director who once possessed them. But “we have long been familiar, they have completely different views and sympathies towards each other did not suffer”, — commented the presenter of the current communication Mikhalkov.

Posner wrote the Director a letter, which requested personal and never be published. “I’m glad You have experienced the censorship, because I am sure that never from her You do not suffer: You have always belonged to the elite, both Soviet and Russian, neither under Brezhnev, nor in time of Gorbachev, nor in time of Yeltsin censorship has not touched You, and, I think, is helpful for a person like You, to have its effect. You will agree, is offensive and disgusting,” wrote the presenter.

He also accused Mikhalkov of manipulating the consciousness of viewers: “You say that You do not have other purpose how to ask questions, to make people think. Actually, Nikita, all of these “issues” (I put quotation marks because they in fact are not, they really are answers, answers that reflect Your point of view) are set to push the viewer to “think” in a definite manner”.

Mikhalkov request for privacy is not performed, and read out excerpts from letters Posner broadcast another episode of “Besogon”. In response, Posner posted the full correspondence, including the response Mikhalkov. The Director said that faced censorship: “I will Not go into details, except to say that one of my film “Relatives” got to the state 117 of the amendments, of which I had to do 70, so that the picture appeared on the screen” and felt further debate is pointless. “The position of each other we know. They almost all polar and therefore do not see the need for them again each other to explain”, — summed up the Director.

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