Russia has submitted a plan for opening restaurants and cafes


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The Russian Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers (FRIO) submitted its plan to open food service establishments. It provides for three stages of the lifting of restrictions. The appeal also sent to the CPS, the Ministry of industry and trade and Ministry of economic development, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In the first phase, all institutions are only takeout and delivery, observing all precautions. In the second stage, when stabilization of the epidemiological situation, open all summer cafe with a boundary (between the tables at least a meter). At the same time begin to operate the cafe area up to 200 “squares”, using half of the seats. Allowed only on family holidays in separate rooms — not more than 20 people without any additional restrictions. As additional measures of this stage called a daily “input filter” for staff, processing hand antiseptics, damp cleaning with use of detergents during the day and disinfected at the end of the work shift, as well as ventilation.

The third stage is fixed a strong tendency to decrease infections. Operate all catering companies are subject to the relevant rules. Resolves any mass events for up to 100 people (banquets, funerals, holidays). All measures of sanitation and inspection personnel continue to operate.

“Our proposals are more mundane, they were preparing practice. I hope they will be taken into account by the CPS, otherwise, the recommendations of the office will only remain theories that have nothing to do with the realities of life”, — say representatives of the industry. The current restrictions restaurateurs called the “head shot” and believe that they are created in order to “bury the business.” According to them, all rules of disinfection was observed to coronavirus, and to work in the current environment is simply unrealistic.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said that cafes and restaurants will open in the last turn, the third stage restrictions. “Because if the company is a local team, and he does not communicate with an unlimited number of persons, any café, or services communicate with an unlimited number of persons”, — said the mayor.

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