The Russians wanted a tougher punishment for fires by negligence


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

EMERCOM of Russia has prepared proposals to strengthen criminal penalties for careless handling of fire led to the fire with a large material damage. About it reports TASS.

The Agency, among other things, requested the government to toughen the penalties for the burning of dry grass, if the victims lost their homes. Now the maximum punishment for violators about the article “Destruction or damage of property on imprudence” provides imprisonment for the term up to one year or a fine.

March 19, in Krasnodar region the chef was put on six months for 11 burnt tourists. According to investigators, 30 July 2018, cafe-barbecue in the Adler district the fire occurred in the wiring. In a cafe killed four people, seven more were burnt in the Annex. A criminal case was initiated under article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence”). The cause of the fire were numerous violations during the construction made by the owner of the cafe.

In September of 2019 has information about the ban on Smoking on the balconies. Later in the MOE explained that the corresponding decree of the government about changes to the fire prevention rules don’t actually prohibit Smoking on balconies if it creates threat of fire safety.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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