Coming to Crimea Russians will start to put in Observatory at their expense


www.vsyako.netSergey Aksenovu: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

Russians who come to the Crimea “aimlessly”, will now be put in Observatory at their expense. This was announced by the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov at the meeting of oberstab, reports TASS Sunday, may 24.

“We are all waiting for the holiday season, but not need nothing to do to create a problem for us. Every visit of yours is an additional burden on the authorities and health system, let us respect each other,” said Feldman. If “aimlessly” came to the Crimea from other subject a person can not pay the whole amount for being in the Observatory once, it will recover through the courts.

The head of the Republic did not specify what amount you will have to pay for being in the Observatory, which are deployed mainly on the basis of sanatorium-resort establishments of the Crimea. The corresponding decree, according to Aksenov, will be released before the end of the day Sunday, may 24.

Previously, the mandatory 14-day stay in isolation for arriving on the territory of the Republic was free. Mode of universal self-isolation was canceled on may 18, the following measure is preserved only for citizens older than 65 years. However, until 1 June booking and accommodation in hotels has been suspended for reasons of prevention of importation.

May 22, Aksyonov warned that the tourism sector in the Crimea next summer is unlikely to be fully operational because of possible difficulties with the admission of guests from other regions. According to him, in General, to rely on inter-regional tourism is not worth it, especially at the influx of travelers from the Central regions, the largest number of tourists on the Peninsula.

As of may 24, in the Crimea recorded 326 cases of inficirovannye a coronavirus, in Russia contracted 344 481 people; 153 patients with coronavirus infection on the Peninsula recovered, three died.

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