Cords dedicated another verse “fighter for the poor” Prigogine


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The leader of group “Leningrad” and a member of the growth Sergey Shnurov has dedicated another verse music producer Joseph Prigogine. In his Instagram account he called him a fighter for the poor.

Well Joseph, well cut,
You are the intercessor for the whole world, as
Gandhi and mother Teresa.
The delegate of circus performers!
I laugh while lying down,
Circus you our intercessor.
Youth representative,
She was closer to the son.
Theatre the guardian
And the tax payer?
Enough, enough, ***, clean
The fighter for the poor.
Conductive laughter will be so pissed off
God forgive me, Jesus.

The dispute of the musician and producer began after an interview with Prigogine, in which he complained of “terrible position” of artists. According to him, creative people are now forced to “eat away what was possible in his time to save”. In response to this Cords called “people of God” to help the producer of “who than can on food”, promising myself to send sausages “from “roundabout””.

After saying his producer urged the musician to ask what was going on before “*********** [to play a trick] and to write poems”. According to Prigogine, he spoke not about himself but about the thousands of people across the country who have dedicated themselves to creativity and are now “zero.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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