Criticized the leadership of the MIA blogger suspected of distributing pornography


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The founder of a public “Ombudsman police” Vladimir Vorontsov has brought new criminal case — on pornography. This is with reference to the head of the press service of the MIA of Vladimir Vasenina RIA Novosti reported.

According to Vasenina, the case against Vorontsova in paragraphs “a” and “b” of part 3 of article 242 (“Illegal manufacturing and trafficking of pornographic materials or subjects”) of the criminal code was initiated on may 22. The basis for the case was the statement of the woman who demanded to punish those who spread her private photos.

The investigation found that the crime was committed in September 2018: Creator and administrator of groups in social networks has entered into a preliminary agreement with an unidentified persons then organized in groups, public display and distribution of pornographic photographs for registered members.

11 may it was reported that Vorontsov was hospitalized from a temporary detention facility (IVS), after which he was placed in the surgical Department.

Earlier, the Tver court of Moscow arrested Vorontsov for two months on charges of extortion of 300 thousand rubles from a police officer. According to investigators, he demanded from the police officer the money for the non-proliferation of personal photos, which in the end still was published in a public “Ombudsman of the police”.

Vorontsov has long worked in the police. He was promoted to operations officer of the Center “e” of the main Department of the Moscow interior Ministry. After the dismissal of ex-COP has created the project “police Ombudsman”, which began to make complaints existing employees of the interior Ministry. From mid-2019, he began to point out the incompetent individual Ministry leaders. In April, 2020 in connection with the publication of the fake about the coronavirus on his channel TFR opened a criminal case and the Vorontsov and his family were searched.

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