Feminist criticized after the words of men, death, and coronavirus


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Twitter has criticized the feminist from Australia Clementine Ford (Clemintine Ford) after her words that “coronavirus kills men fast enough”. The case drew the attention of the newspaper the Daily Mail.

A wave of criticism followed after the 39-year-old writer Ford shared his opinion with the subscribers in response to an article about gender differences in parenting. She told a story about a woman who is forced to leave his lucrative job during a pandemic coronavirus, because her husband, sitting at home, could not cope with raising children. She called the man from the story “pathetic,” adding that the woman “deserves better.”

However, Ford did not stop, adding their tweets another comment. “Honestly, coronavirus kills men quickly enough”, — she wrote.

Her statement provoked a negative response in a social network. Some users have accused the writer of “toxicity” and the interpretation of feminism in the wrong key. One of podeschi said that this had often supported the position of women, but the phrase is “appalling”.

The former Senator from Victoria, Australia, Darrin’s Hinch (Derryn Hinch) also drew attention to post-feminists, which, she claimed, was written as a joke. “Sometimes your views on Twitter is really disgusting. If you really think so, I pity you,” said Hinch.

In response to a wave of criticism Ford said that the negative reaction “proves just how fragile men.” “The same men who insist that women laugh at jokes about violence against us because of the “black humor” and “relieve tension”. Men are pathetic”, she wrote.

According to some studies conducted in the world since the outbreak of the deadly respiratory infection, men die from coronavirus faster than women. Researchers from several reputable hospitals in Beijing came to the conclusion that men and women have the same potential of Contracting the disease, but men with coronavirus are more at risk of complications and death, regardless of age. Researchers from University College London found that men are twice as likely to need intensive care and 60 percent more likely to die.

Melbourne, the author is also known that in 2017, signed by hand a copy of his book with the phrase: “You have killed any man? And if not, why not?”

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