In a shootout in Moscow has found the trail of Africans from Chechnya


www.vsyako.netFrame: Telegram-channel Baza

The police detained the car in which he was hiding the participants of the shootout at the Kashira highway in Moscow. It is reported by Telegram-channel Baza.

According to traffic police, the owner of the vehicle was a native of Kenya Islam Hutsiev. After he left from an African country, he was in Chechnya.

It is clarified that the participants of the shooting were in a Ford. Inside police found five people, all of them were detained. Criminals managed to catch up on the Garden ring.

Source RT, in turn, reports that the Ford Focus, which moved the participants of the shooting, was registered as a taxi. A work permit from the owner of the car is valid until 2024.

A shootout at a residential complex on Kashirskoe highway occurred earlier on may 24. According to preliminary data, in the conflict involved at least eight people armed with hunting rifles “saiga” and “Vepr”. The suspects fled the scene of the shooting on several cars, the city declared the plan “Interception”. According to recent reports, had detained 4 people, they were all strangers from Orenburg. It is known about one affected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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