In Russia every day 41 was looking for a missing child


www.vsyako.netAlexander Bastrykin Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

In 2019 in the territorial bodies of the Investigative Committee of Russia received 14 696 communications of the disappearance of the child, or 41 message daily. As reported “” in the TFR, 93.7 per cent of missing children were found alive and unharmed in the result of joint work of law enforcement agencies in the first 10 days.

“The remaining 941 minors, including 235 minors, were declared wanted, — told the Investigative Committee. — Of them still remain undetected 74 children. Thus, the search efficiency is 99.5%. Found 2019 854 of the child, the victims were nine minor and five minors.”

According to TFR, in the first quarter of 2020, unknown, missing 3 629 minors, or 40 children a day. Found 3 576, which is 98.6 percent.

May 25, is considered the world day for missing children. Their search is one of the main directions of work of Department. For strengthening and greater impact in search of the missing the interaction with colleagues from other structures and developed new techniques to improve search. So, developed jointly by the m Ministry of interior and MOE algorithm emergency search operations have proven their effectiveness. In addition, the Agency is actively cooperating with the search and volunteer troops, who repeatedly have proved their effectiveness and necessity.

“Thanks to cooperation with volunteers in the Krasnodar region managed to find alive missing nine-year-old girl. In the Omsk region found three-year-old boy who disappeared from the car when the parents went to pick berries — recalled an official representative of the TFR. — In the Nizhny Novgorod region discovered living five-year-old girl who went to the forest for grandma and lost. Volunteers are our strong and reliable support. They give us most powerful aid. Their civic activism shows the best human qualities. They come to the aid of those in need.”

As the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, the question of search of children given special attention. Without delay organized the departure to the scene, promptly fixed evidence, relevant to full, objective and comprehensive investigation. Measures are being taken to establish a circle of officials, the connivance and inaction which led to the accidents with children.

An important role in the search events plays the time factor, so the leadership of the SK of Russia has set the task to subordinates respond immediately to reports of missing children.

To centralize the work on search of children the Investigative Committee of Russia in November 2019 on its official website launched the category of “Attention, lost child!”, where is actual information about the search for minors. The section is aimed at timely informing all stakeholders and representatives of the media and citizens that would effectively terminate the search for the missing children. Since the establishment of the section was posted about 200 messages on search of minors. Fortunately, most of the data from the section removed as well — the child is alive and unharmed. At the moment, under the rubric of “Attention, the child was gone!” there are about 40 messages.

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