Leps did not agree with the words of Prigogine on “monstrous” the situation of artists


www.vsyako.netGregory Lastto: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Russian singer Grigory Leps did not agree with the words of music producer Joseph Prigogine on “monstrous” the situation of artists during the regime of isolation imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. It quoted the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“The poor actors, my God, fast. We then can say in General about the common people?” — said Leps.

He said that he has no problems, continues to work quietly in the Studio, writing music and restore the voice.

The artist pointed out that previously, people had to cope with more difficulties than autarky, war, hunger, cold.

May 23, producer Iosif Prigozhin, complained that many artists were in a terrible situation due to the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, creative people are now forced to “eat away what was possible in his time to save”. With Prigogine agreed his wife, singer Valeria. The producer did not support the musician Sergey Shnurov. He first called “people of God” to help the producer of “who than can on food”, promising myself to send sausages “from “roundabout””. Then gave him two poems.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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