Netanyahu appeared before the court in Israel


www.vsyako.netBenjamin of Netanyahoo: Ronan Zvulun / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Sunday, may 24, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the Jerusalem District court, where he began the first session in three cases the Prime Minister, in which he is accused of fraud and bribery. It is reported TASS with reference to the channel i24.

Netanyahu became the first Prime Minister in the history of Israel, who appeared before the court while in office. During a televised address from the courthouse, which was broadcast on the main channels of Israeli TV, the Prime Minister said that the cases in which he is accused, fabricated for the purpose of removal from power in Israel, representatives of right-wing. “All the cases fabricated from the beginning. What is happening today is the attempt to overthrow me and right camp,” said Netanyahu. “All right, the camp was now in the dock as a defendant. I arrived at the court,” he added.

The politician once again demanded that the hearing in his cases was broadcast live, despite the fact that earlier the court has rejected his demand. The court also ordered Netanyahu to personally present at the first meeting, despite the request of the Prime Minister not to come, because it is technical in nature. In the first session, Netanyahu will read out the conclusion of the Prosecutor’s office, and he will have to answer whether he understood the essence of the business. The politician has repeatedly denied all charges against him.

In the District court of Jerusalem with Netanyahu arrived several members of his new government, including Yisrael Katz, who served as Minister of Finance, Minister of transport, Miri Regev and internal security Minister Amir Ohana. A week ago, the Prime Minister swore he’d formed after the elections on March 2, the government, which was the fifth in his political career.

According to reports the TV channel i24, the courthouse demonstrations of supporters and opponents of Netanyahu. Just to the demonstration gathered around 200 people. Supporters of Prime Minister brought with him the posters, painted in the colors of the Likud party headed by Netanyahu. Opponents of the Prime Minister among the demonstrators less, and they are separated with metal separators from supporters. Both sides are chanting slogans and waving national flags.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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