Partner Schumacher spoke about the difficult stage in the life of a racer


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Felipe Massa, former teammate of seven-time champion “Formula 1” Michael Schumacher told about the difficult stage in the life of the rider. His words are quoted by Marca.

Mass said that in the course of the state of Schumacher. “The main thing — the situation is difficult. This is a difficult stage in his life, but we have to respect that. I dream and pray every day for his recovery”, he added. The driver admitted that he wants to see Schumacher, inspiring his son to the racetrack.

Massa was a teammate of Schumacher in his final year of performances for Ferrari.

January 4 this year, neurosurgeon Nicolas Accardi told about changes in the status of Schumacher. In his opinion, the appearance of the rider is very different from what it was before the fall at a ski resort.

In September 2019, it became known that Schumacher was taken to the cardiology Department of one of hospitals of Paris. It was noted that the athlete had an experimental operation on the introduction of stem cells into heart tissue.

Schumacher is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, which he received in 2013, while skiing in the Alps. In the fall, the driver injured his head and went into a coma.

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