Russia found it useless laser weapons USA


www.vsyako.netLaser Weapon System (LaWS)Photo: Office of Naval Research

In modern war, the possibility of laser weapons is extremely limited. This was stated by the President of the Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov in comments to RIA Novosti.

He considered American military laser useless as it requires ideal conditions that rarely are in the sea. Scientist noted that now the laser weapon can be used to disable optical-electronic systems of various types of weapons, however, for destruction of air targets it can’t be considered effective.

According to Sivkov, the efficiency of the beam will reduce in several times even subtle haze. He noticed that the video test published by the American side, the beam is aimed at the drone for a long time — it means that he does not have energy efficiency.

Earlier, the US showed the challenge the us military in the Pacific ocean laser weapon against drones. The footage shows the ship, the nose of which was placed installation. Also the video showed the laser, which is directed along the surface of the water. After that, the unmanned aerial vehicle lights.

In October 2018, the Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade Igor Korotchenko said that the Russian military laser complex “Peresvet” effectively works against drones industrial and handicraft production only in “ideal conditions”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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