The hostage spoke about the assault captured Moscow Bank


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Leo Speransky / “Moskovsky Komsomolets”

A man named Fedor, who are being held hostage in a branch of Alfa-Bank in Moscow, told about the assault captured by the person in the form of delivering the food building. Special forces first took Fedor to the second invader and threw him on the floor. He said this edition of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to him, the assault began immediately after he advised the terrorist to write your requirements with a marker to make it clear. Special forces broke into the building just at the moment when the invader took up the marker and started to rewrite the requirements.

“I froze in one position, all yelling “get down”, something else… it’s like Time slowed down. I move very slowly, smoothly, and in the head a bunch of thoughts, they are ahead of the action… Only when the handcuffs were removed (first for me too put suspected two), I started to petrosiute”, — said Fedor. He was released to the street only after it became clear that no bomb.

About the seizure of the Bank branch a man in uniform who delivers food previously reported. He came into the room and said that his bag was mined. The building was blocked a few people, whom subsequently withdrew. According to security officials, the invader demanded a large sum of money.

Later the identity of the man was established — he was born in Nizhnevartovsk, 34-summer Alexey Baryshnikov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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