The United States called Kaliningrad a dagger in the heart of Europe


www.vsyako.netRobert O Brietta: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Advisor to the President for national security Robert O’brien called Kaliningrad a dagger in the heart of Europe. It is reported by Bild.

According to him, the city could be the center of trade, tourism and contacts between Russia and Western Europe, but it was turned into closed military base.

“The Russians have established in Kaliningrad a huge number of rockets and weapons, which threaten all of our European allies and Baltic States. Unfortunately, despite the Treaty on open skies, we are unable to fly over the city,” said O’brien.

The presidential adviser also stressed that the United States has other ways of monitoring the actions of Russia, so the decision was made to terminate the former agreements.

21 may the United States announced the decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, explaining the intention of the violations of the Moscow — supposedly Russia during flights over the United States followed the whereabouts of the American President. Moscow rejects Washington’s accusation.

The contract between 23 member States of the OSCE in 1992 meant the opportunity to participating countries to make the inspection circled each other, observing military activities and compliance with existing treaties in the field of arms control.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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